Beach Defense is roguelike tower defense in which you have to place down slowly eroding towers to defend against hoards of beach critters. In the game you have to work your way your enemies while collecting more elaborate towers in order to reach home.

The game only uses a mouse to play and as such has very basic commands.



  • Click a card to select it
  • Click a tower plot to place a selected card (clicking else where will deselect the card)

Map / Route:

  • If there are multiple nodes that are adjacent, click the one you which to go to.

Difficulty Select:

  • Click on the wanted difficulty
    • Clicking on the title 'Difficulty' will result in essentially a god mode
  • Click Play will select the difficulty and start the game

Key Features

  • A range of different towers
  • A multitude of maps to battle on
  • Multiple routes and events along said routes
  • Customizable deck
  • A selection of various enemies
  • A difficulty selection
  • A basic text based tutorial

Updated 7 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorOliver Geogre
TagsTower Defense

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This will be awesome when there is information on the cards, so that I have more information about whats going on. I'm a bit biased against tower defence games as I don't play them personally, but this already looks great, and has a heap of stuff implemented, so looking forward to seeing how this one ends up!